The First Step

This is where it began. Our first piece: the manifestation of an aspiration to make furniture mindfully. The quiet, noble form of Sotapanna, with its minimalistic yet authoritative presence, offers a relaxed and contemplative posture in any corner or space.
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A craftsman may not win in a race with a machine or a factory that produces the same thing, but they can do what machines can’t—create something that involves feeling. Their relationship with their tools and the passion that is put into the piece that they are working on is an irreplaceable human touch that machines can never replicate.

It’s also why machines can’t make art.

This premium Italian leather sofa is handcrafted by traditional craftsmen who are experts in their respective fields — those that make no compromise when it comes to their skill and workmanship. And they embed every piece that is fashioned by their hands with their own passion, feeling and craftsmanship.
Premium Italian Leather
The Premium quality Italian leather used in our furniture is sourced from some of the best Italian tanneries which use superior quality bovine hides. The tanning and curing are done with the best practices and expertise developed through generations of experience with an emphasis on quality and finish.

Leather is a durable and flexible material with its own special and unique look which ages gracefully and handsomely with time.

Leather furniture exudes a luxurious and comfortable aura and provides a calm and anchored seating experience.

Selected kiln dried and treated wood
Timber, once selected, needs to dry. It can be air-dried or kiln-dried. Kiln-drying is not often used as a method because it is expensive and takes more professional hands on deck to handle the process.

But it’s worth it.

The kiln-drying process eliminates the presence of fungi and pests in the wood and prevents cracking and drying out—which is common in air-dried wood.

And if you ever need a piece of timber that would last generations, kiln-dried and treated is the one.

This is why it’s our choice for the framing of our furniture.
Mortise and tenon joinery
What does the Khufu ship (that was sealed into the Giza pyramid in 2500 BC), the 7000-year old intact wooden architectural fragments found in Leipzig, and Stillwater furniture have in common?

They all use mortise and tenon joinery.
If there is anything that could corroborate our declaration that our furniture is designed and crafted to last generations, this is it.

We may not be the Egyptians or the famous Neolithic Leipzig inhabitants, but we’ve taken a leaf out of their books to choose only the time tested and durable joinery that can stand the test of time.
Tempered metal springs
Comfort starts from the bottom-most layer in the case of this sofa. Tempered metal springs—that offer a unique blend of elasticity and durability—are used as the first layer of luxurious, springy comfort. When layered with burlap and cushions, the comfort allows the seated person to relax and sink into mindful reflection!
Latex rubber seat cushioning
The natural, mite and mould-resistant, comfortable latex cushioning is ideal for those who wish to experience mindfulness to the fullest. Sit back in the cushiony comfort, and breathe.