Am I exhausted?
Am I trapped in a frenzied rush?
Do I need to slow down?
Do I want to slow down?



The StillWater collection is thoughtfully curated with timeless designs meant for everyday use.

Beauty in the details delights us and each dimension of every design echoes a harmonious balance of line, form & comfort.



Selected kiln dried and treated timber from the rubberwood tree is what “frames” our furniture and lays the foundation of each StillWater piece.

Our timber is harvested from rubber trees that have exhausted their yield of latex sap. These harvested trees are replaced with new saplings therefore ensuring sustainable plantation management.



We use the oldest and still the strongest mortise and tenon joinery detail on all our pieces. Time and technology have not diminished the strength and durability it bestows.



We use tempered metal springs that are securely fastened on the wooden frame, tied with twine and covered with a layer of burlap to create a comfortable and resilient seat.

Thick and tightly woven, the traditional coarse burlap acts as a barrier that protects the cushioning above


The Seat

Our story comes full circle as the latex sap produced by the rubberwood tree forms the latex rubber used for the seat cushioning.

The environmentally friendly, mite-free, latex cushioning with a poly fibre batting remains firm and provides years of comfortable sitting.


The Drape

The cover of every StillWater piece, whether leather or fabric, is measured and marked with tailor’s chalk to indicate where each seam meets the next. The covers are meticulously cut-out along the markings using handheld Meerut scissors.

Our oil-pull up leathers have a character and narrate a story every time they are sat on. Our fabrics are sourced from the best manufacturers in India.


Our Scissors

Made of scrap metals and termed as Dada le potaa barpe (being bought by the grandfather and still used by his grandson) the Meerut scissors can be repaired, unlike other scissors that are thrown out when they are no longer functional.


Our Space

Our workshop is situated close to the famed Sewri Mudflats, a favoured feeding ground for the migrant flamingos. Here we spend our days aspiring to work mindfully and joyfully.